11 Killed in Cyprus naval base explosion


Huge blasts in a seized Iranian weapons cache at a Greek Cypriot naval base in the south of the Mediterranean island killed at least 11 people on Monday, state media said. The force of the explosions blew out virtually every window in the nearby fishing village of Zygi, whose seafront restaurants are popular with the many tourists who frequent the resort island, an AFP correspondent reported. The island’s largest power station at Vassiliko right next to the base was virtually levelled by the blast, causing widespread power cuts that are likely to last for months. Three of its four main buildings were virtually levelled along the generator’s two main fuel tanks, the correspondent said. The…

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Cameron ready to sink BSkyB deal

David Cameron launched a desperate bid to kill Rupert Murdoch’s takeover of BSkyB last night – finally signalling a decisive break with the media mogul. Downing Street revealed the Prime Minister wants to prevent the tycoon buying out the television company until criminal proceedings have concluded into the News of […]