50 Cent Clowns Diddy Over Grammy Snub Then Apologize For Trolling

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

It might be a new era for 50 Cent or just another one of his gimmick on social media.

The Queens rap legend continues to relish the falling out Diddy has experienced since the sexual assault lawsuit allegations hit him late last year. Diddy’s entire life has unraveled as his businesses cut ties with him, and people in the industry who once benefitted from his power and influence now cut ties with him.

One person who continues not to feel sorry for him is G-Unit founder 50 Cent, who trolled the rapper this week after reports surfaced that Diddy won’t be attending the 2024 Grammy Awards ceremony set for February 4, 2024.

According to HipHopDX, Diddy was invited to the star-studded event for his first nomination for a Grammy in 20 years for Best Progressive R&B Album award for his project The Love Album: Off The Grid.

However, he is not planning to attend the event. It’s pretty obvious why he might decide to ditch the event, given the details of his ex-girlfriend Cassie Ventura’s lawsuit, which detailed instances of abuse she suffered at the hands of Diddy. He also settled the lawsuit, which has undoubtedly caused many to conclude that her allegations could be true.

Still, 50 Cent seemed to agree with the decision as he trolled the rapper.

“Wait puff I think you should go [eyes emoji] [grinning face emoji] they not gonna give you no [trophy emoji] trophy LMAO get the fvck outta here,” 50 Cent wrote under a screenshot of an earlier HipHopDX report about Diddy ditching the event.

In the meantime, Diddy’s lawsuit against liquor giant Diageo was settled on Tuesday (January 16). According to AP News, Diddy withdrew his lawsuit after he and the London-based spirits giant settled it.

Diddy had sued the company for breach of contract for failing to invest in his Ciroc and DeLeon Tequila. Diddy had signed a deal to promote Ciroc vodka and co-owned DeLeon. The settlement sees him now parting from those brands. A statement from the parties said they “have now agreed to resolve all disputes between them.” Diageo now has sole ownership of Ciroc vodka and DeLeon tequila.

Last month, Diddy also suffered another loss after being forced to step down from his Revolt TV company, which was poised to rival BET and VH1. Diddy has maintained his silence since the lawsuits.

50 Cent continues to give mixed signals about his social media behavior this year. At the start of the year, the G-Unit rapper said he was turning a new page and would make 2024 a more positive year for him. Days after posting that message he trolled Diddy and others using his platform, raising questions about his seriousness about being positive.

In a new message shared on IG on Tuesday (January 16), 50 Cent apologize for offending a lot of people with his constant trolling.

“Hey, if I have offended you in [any way], [I’d] like to apologize,” Fif wrote while sharing two phofos of himself wearing white Airforce 1 sneaker and a grey Tux blazer with black pants and tie. “GLG GreenLightGang. We can get more done together, why we work against each other?” he added.

Let’s see how long this one last.