50 Cent Trolls Jada Pinkett Smith and Diddy With Photoshop Tupac Photo

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Rapper 50 Cent seems tickled by the ongoing Jada Pinkett-Smith saga, and he’s using it as the perfect opportunity to take jabs at his arch-nemesis, Diddy.

The rapper has been trolling Diddy since news surfaced that police made headway in the investigation of Tupac Shakur’s 1996 death, and he’s helped to resurrect a decades-long theory that Diddy wanted Tupac dead and might have been involved.

On the other hand, it seems that the developments in Tupac’s case have presented the perfect opportunity for Pinkett-Smith to exploit for her memoir, Worthy. Pinkett-Smith, who is married to Oscar-winning actor Will Smith, has been on a press tour with some very interesting claims, including one that Tupac asked her to marry him.

Her interviews have gone viral, but many people seem tired of her and Will Smith’s marriage and its details, while others troll her after she revealed that she was in the streets and selling drugs. Among them who joined in on the trolling is 50 Cent, who posted a meme hinting that Jada would be hunting Diddy for justice.

“Thug Life, Jada in New York looking for Puffy. LOL you think you gonna get away with this,” the rapper captioned the meme.

The meme is a photo taken days before the death of Tupac and features him alongside Suge Knight in a car. Someone photoshopped a picture of Jada next to Tupac’s leg as if she was hiding in the car. The meme has no doubt tickled many as they reacted, including dancehall artist Popcaan, who wrote laughing emojis under the post.

“Puffy looking at this punching the air rn,” one person said. “At this point it’s on sight I’m sure,” another said. Another person called out 50 Cent for “dry snitching”.

“….A so called street dude is dry snitching over a b**ch 50 mad about Puff smashing his bm so it’s cool and funny to be dry snitching on Puff where they do that at? I guess New York,” one person said.

Diddy has never acknowledged 50 Cent’s posts about him being a potential suspect in the Tupac murder investigation.