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By NAN Contributor

News Americas, TORONTO, Canada, Fri. Aug. 26, 2016: The Canadian government’s latest travel updates cautions its nationals about traveling to eight Caribbean nations.

The updated caution comes because of high rates of crime in the countries.  The 8 countries in the Caribbean the Government of Canada insists their citizens should “exercise a high degree of caution” when traveling to, are as follows:

The Bahamas

The Canadian travel notice says crime is high especially in Nassau and Freeport in the Bahamas and there has been an increase in armed robberies especially targeting tourists in Nassau. The notice also warns nations that home invasions are also of concern in Nassau along with sexual assaults.


Canadian travelers to Belize are being warned of armed robbery, mugging and sexual assault, which the Government of Canada says is a significant problem throughout the country. The government also says armed robberies occasionally occur near the western border with Guatemala, including near and around Caracol so visitors should only go to those areas during daylight hours.


The Canadian government says crime levels in Guyana are high and assaults, pickpocketing, purse snatching, break-ins, armed robberies, car thefts and carjacking are common occurrences, particularly in Georgetown, including Stabroek Market, Tiger Bay and South Georgetown. They also warn about avoiding the Georgetown sea wall, from east of the Pegasus Hotel extending to Sheriff Street and adjacent areas after dark since foreigners and returning Guyanese citizens are favorite targets for criminals.


The Canadian authorities say crime rates are high and the security situation is unpredictable in Haiti and criminal activity is especially prevalent in large centers such as downtown Port-au-Prince, where armed gangs continue to operate. They are also warning all Canadian citizens to avoid all non-essential travel to the neighborhoods of Martissant, Carrefour, Bel Air and Cité Soleil, in the Port-au-Prince area.


The Canadian government is warning tourists to be on the lookout for petty theft, pick-pocketing and bag -snatching in major tourist areas and to remain vigilant at supermarkets and retail outlets, as credit card and ABM fraud is a risk there. They also warn nationals to avoid Tivoli Gardens, Whitfield Town, Payne Land, West Kingston, Grant’s Pen, August Town, Denham Town, Hannah Town, Arnett Gardens, Olympic Gardens, Harbour View, Central Village, Spanish Town, Mountain View, Trench Town, Cassava Piece, Canterbury, Norwood and Rose Heights. You should also avoid some parts of Montego Bay, namely St. Clavers Avenue and Hart Street, Flankers, Canterbury, Norwood, Rose Heights and Mount Salem due to high incidences of violent crimes there.

Trinidad & Tobago

Canada says violent robberies, assaults, home invasions and rape occur frequently in Trinidad & Tobago. It is urging cruise ship passengers to take particular care when walking around the docks in Port of Spain and to remain highly vigilant in Laventille and at popular tourist sites such as Fort George, La Brea (Pitch Lake) and Las Cuevas beach, where crimes targeting foreigners have been reported.

The Dominican Republic

Canada is warning its nationals travelling to the Dominican Republic to be careful of theft of items from checked baggage at airports; assault, rape and sexual aggression and pickpocketing, which  is common in urban areas.

Saint Lucia

The Canadian notice urges travelers to wary of petty crimes, avoid unpopulated areas and unpatrolled beaches, especially after dark, avoid staying in hotels or villas in isolated areas and avoid the districts of Marchand, Broglie, St. Grass, St. Leslie Land, and Wilton Yard, located off of Chausee Road which have high rates of crime.


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