A bill authorizing a loan to start the modern BelleVue Cultural Artistic Hub, Market Project, and Satellite Hub’s development was approved

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A bill to authorize a loan to begin construction of the state of the art BelleVue Cultural Artistic Hub, Market Project and Satellite Hub was passed in the Parliament yesterday.

Minister of Finance Camillo Gonsalves during his presentation yesterday explained that the loan was signed with the Saudi Fund for Development for $10 million dollars.



The Minister of Finance explained the features of the Artiste Hub and Market Project.



He added that at the two smaller satellite hubs will be constructed in in Petite Bordel and Torumaca.


Eight Bills were passed at yesterday’s sitting of the House of Assembly and fifteen questions were asked along with supplementary questions. Senator Benarva Browne took the oath of allegiance and was as Minister of Urban Development, Seaport Administration, Energy, Grenadines Affairs and Local Government.