Blueface Mother Karlissa Meets Chrisean Rock’s Son For The First Time

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Blueface’s mother is ready to be a grandmother, and she’s not taking no for an answer as she turned up at Chrisean Rock’s house in California demanding to see Chrisean Jr., with a film crew in tow.

Last week, Karlissa threatened to file a lawsuit to see her grandkids, but she did not say whether it was Chrisean Jr. she was trying to have access to. However, fans did the math and realized she spoke about Rock’s son since he is the only grandchild she has never met.

The baby is only two months old, and Karlissa has not exactly been quiet during Rock’s pregnancy, often mocking her pain and trauma while she was with Blueface. Later, she also joined in shaming Rock as a new mother when her mistakes, such as her Walmart mishap, were evident to the world.

However, it seems that Karlissa tried to get her son on camera for her family’s show Cixot (toxic) La Real Family, which is currently airing. Chrisean Rock live-streamed the moment Karlissa popped up at her gate.

“I told that b**ch to turn the cameras off,” Rock said before calling to her son’s grandmother, “Karlissa you can turn the cameras off, you can see your grandson, please.”

Karlissa’s response is inaudible, but Rock was heard telling her, “That n****a gotta stay over there.”

She also tells someone on the phone who sounds like Blueface- “She crazy as sh*t, she at the door with it. She gotta put them cameras up though.”

Blueface was heard on the live speaker replying, “I think she came for the cameras though.”

In the meantime, Blueface also paid baby Junior a visit to celebrate him turning two months old. The rapper was seen in his car playing and kissing the baby. In another video shared by Rock, Karlissa is seen feeding Junior while his sister Kali and other relatives fawn over the baby.