Can Democrats Trust Trump On DACA?


By Felicia J. Persaud

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Sept. 22, 2017: Two of the country’s top Democrats – Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi – are right now besides themselves over an apparent “deal” made with the Devil himself that they claim can actually help the 800,000 plus immigrant recipients of the Obama era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, (DACA) – whose status could soon run out thanks to The Donald and Little Sessions.

Of course, 45 and the White House have hurriedly tried to walk back the claims of a “deal,” saying it is only an “agreement” to work together. But either way, a number of crazy right wingers are going batty about this already.

So much so that they are burning their MAGA hats; tweeting about that ugly word amnesty; asking if The Donald has lost his mind and forgotten what got him elected, that is Make America Whiter, and most of all, slamming him as “Amnesty Don.”

Republicans in the House, caught off guard by this apparent behind their backs deal making, are now feeling like the jilted lover.

In an attempt to get back in bed with The President, suddenly and out of the blue, Paulie Ryan, according to USA Today, now is going to focus on the issue he has long ignored despite being begged and cajoled by Barack Obama – immigration.

According to the paper, he has reportedly tried to pull together an informal group of Republican lawmakers from various factions of the party to discuss how best to handle immigration and what legislation could make it through the GOP’s divided caucus.

This comes after the White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders Said On Friday they will layout its “specific priorities and principles” for an immigration deal in seven to 10 days.

But the abrupt flip flop from The Donald, and now the attempt by Republicans to catch up, is something that should concern Democrats who seem way too ready to celebrate a win.

They need to be very careful of any deal with the Devil.

The Donald is all about getting and winning – at all costs. So what will they have to give to get DACA recipients to stay?

Will they have to back funding for the long touted wall that was supposed to have been paid for by Mexico but now could become saddled to the backs of American tax payers? Or will they have to support more enforcement in immigration nationwide under the guise of border security; the passage of the RAISE act that will limit family immigration or a tax cut for the Potus and his wealthy amigoes?

As Texas Congressman Joaquin Castro recently said: “I know a lot of other Democrats – and I’m sure some Republicans – are concerned that the president may want to leverage DACA relief to build a wall. And, you know, I’m not somebody who’s willing to trade the futures of these 800,000 people for a wall across the United States of America.”

Schumer and Pelosi and the Democratic Party need to be very careful of this deal with The Devil. Let’s remember selling our souls to The Devil often comes at a steep price. Are Democrats ready to pay that price in exchange for legal status for 800,000 or shouldn’t we be demanding a whole lot more?

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