Canada Warns About Travel To Colombia As Protests Continue


News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Mon. Nov. 25,
The government of Canada is warning its nationals to “exercise a high
degree of caution” if travelling to the South American nation of Colombia as
protests continue there.

Colombia is the latest country in the Americas to
see an upsurge of anti-government protests.

Canada said, “even peaceful demonstrations can turn
violent at any time” and can “also lead to disruptions to traffic and public

The government statement also warned that it is “illegal
for Canadians who enter Colombia for tourism purposes or on a visa to
participate in local political activities, rallies or public demonstrations.”

“Political involvement may result in your
deportation,” the statement warned.

The anti-government demonstrations erupted on Thursday,
when more than 250,000 marched in a national strike.

They started peacefully but clashes between
protesters and police have since broken out, and there have been reports of
vandalism and looting. At least three people have died since the protests against
corruption and possible austerity measures began.

Colombian President Ivan Duque, the target of days of unprecedented anti-government protests, on Sunday opened a national dialogue aimed at assuaging popular anger.

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