Caribbean Airlines Board Defy Minister


News Americas, PORT-OF-SPAIN, Trinidad, Weds. Mar. 23, 2011: The board members of Caribbean Airlines Limited have remained openly defiant of the country’s minister of transportation.

The Board has signaled it will not resign despite calls from Minister Jack Warner for them to step down. Board head, businessman George Nicholas, said it understood that the action was entirely inappropriate and while it had no desire to take that approach, it must stand firm.

“As a newly appointed board, while it was selected and not elected, being fully cognitive of its statutory and fiduciary obligations and liability, it sought to review the transaction and satisfy itself that it was in fact the best option in keeping with the operational requirements of the airline,” the board said in a statement.
The board also added in a three-page statement that it will not engage in a public debate with the minister.

The rift between the board and Warner began on November 26th, after the dismissal of Caribbean Airline’s chief executive officer Captain Ian Brunton. Warner said he was not consulted on the matter.

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