Who Are The Top Caribbean Players To Have Featured in the NFL?


St. Vincent Tribune, NY, NY, Mon. July 27, 2020: Young athletes from all over the planet dream of pulling on the uniform of an NFL team. Football in the US is a huge sport and anyone who makes it to the pro level is sure to earn lots of money and gain immense fame.

With competition to play in this league so intense, which player from the Caribbean have risen to the top of the sport in recent years?

Victor Cruz – Puerto Rico

Cruz was born in New Jersey to a mother from Puerto Rico and an African American father.  His college career was carried out at the University of Massachusetts, where he made it into the top 4 list for all-time catches.

While he wasn’t drafted in the 2010 NFL draft, Cruz was signed by the New York Giants the following day. As a wide receiver, he became famous for dancing salsa after most touchdowns, which was a tribute to his grandmother. After injury problems, he moved to the Chicago Bears in 2017 but was forced to retire after a year.

Cruz went on to become an analyst for ESPN. For football fans, he is best remembered for his huge contribution to the Giants’ incredible run to the Super Bowl in the 2011 season that led to them beating the New England Patriots to claim the Super Bowl XLVI title.

Pierre Garçon – Haiti

Another wide receiver with Caribbean roots, Garçon ran track races and played soccer and football in his youth, with his college football taking place at Norwich University and Mount Union College. The rest of his family was born in Haiti, but he was born in the US two years after his parents arrived.

The 2008 NFL draft saw him picked up by the Indianapolis Colts, where he became a regular starter before moving to the Washington Redskins as a free agent in 2012. He stayed here for 5 seasons before heading to the San Francisco 49ers for a couple of seasons.

He is fondly remembered for the backflips that he used to carry out after touchdowns, as well as for his solid statistics over his time in the NFL.

Patrick Chung – Jamaica

This player was born in Kingston, Jamaica, where his mother was famous as a reggae singer, and moved to California at the age of 10. He is of Chinese Jamaican descent. Once in the US, Chung started to play football as a wide receiver and as a safety. 

After a hugely successful spell for the University of Oregon, he entered the 2009 NFL draft and was picked up by the New England Patriots. His first rookie year saw him make 37 combined tackles and a couple of sacks.

Chung moved to the Philadelphia Eagles in 2013 but only stayed for a year before returning to the Patriots, where he is still playing. You can look to see how Chung and the Patriots are getting on when you receive the latest NFL betting advice online on BetAmerica.com.

Ramon Harewood – Barbados

The story of Harewood’s rise to the NFL is fascinating, as he grew up mainly playing sports like cricket and rugby. However, he was spotted by football scouts who were on vacation in Barbados, where the sport isn’t particularly popular among athletes.

He learned football once he moved to Morehouse University. The 2010 draft saw him join the Baltimore Ravens but he spent a lot of time injured in his early seasons there. Harewood broke into the team in 2012, as a left guard.

He left the Ravens and briefly joined the Denver Broncos in early 2014, but didn’t stay there for long. Harewood remains the only Bajan to have earned a Super Bowl ring, for the Super Bowl XLVII victory over the San Francisco 49ers.

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