Census Gives No Figures But Says Caribbean Media Will Get Ad Buys


 CaribWorldNews, NEW YORK, NY, Weds. Jan. 13, 2010: The U.S. Census Bureau on Tuesday declined to say how much of its three hundred million advertising dollars has been set aside for the Caribbean community, but insisted it will be advertising in Caribbean media outlets.
Raul E. Cisneros, chief of the 2010 Census Publicity Office. U.S. Census Bureau, made the claim to CaribWorldNews in an interview yesterday, amidst criticism and complaints from several Caribbean media entities that they have yet to receive advertising insertion orders from the U.S. Census` ad. agency.
Ahead of the Census 2010 advertising campaign rollout in Washington, D.C. Thursday, Cisneros, in responding to a question on Caribbean advertising said, `I can`t share specific information but we`re close to getting all that finalized. We have a good plan in place.`
His comments came as more than 40 Caribbean media signed on to a petition to question why they have yet to receive advertising dollars from the millions of dollars set aside.

But Cisneros said the Caribbean community is one of the audiences the Census will be advertising with and the Bureau will be spending more with this community in 2010 than they did in 2000. But he added, `the reality is there are limited dollars.`
However, Cisneros gave no actual numbers of the Caribbean ad spend, saying only that the Bureau, through its African American agency, Global Hue-MCM, will be pushing a radio and print campaign in both English and Kreyole.
As for the actual campaign creative, the Census official added: `I believe it is engaging and informative.`
 He added that the Bureau hopes to further get the Census message to this community through the many partners it`s working with across the country, while additional advertising dollars will be spent in the follow-up or motivational stage of the campaign.
Angela Ford, vice president of PR at GlobalHue–MCM, the agency contracted to push the advertising and PR end of the Census promotion in the black and Latino communities, added that some Caribbean media will be getting advertising from the agency on behalf of the Census soon but `all of the buys are not complete.`
`We`re still in the process,` said Ford. `There will be a phasing in. Several are on the list but everyone has not been contacted as yet.`
On Thursday, the U.S. Census will roll out its $340 million promotional campaign as its gets ready to unleash national advertising from January 17th.
Census questionnaires will be mailed out on March 15 and Cisneros urged Caribbean nationals and all across the country to fill out the forms and mail them back quickly as it’s simple, easy and confidential.
`Our goal is to increase mail response rate. We save $85 million with every one percent increase in the response rate,` he said.


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