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The content originally appeared on: News Americas Now

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The content originally appeared on: St. Lucia Times News

It is without a doubt that the year 2022 was a difficult and challenging year for most Saint Lucians. Too many citizens have been left to fend for themselves with little to no support being provided by a Government that promised to put them first.

As we begin a New Year, I pray that the Government finally listens to your cries and implements policies to help make your lives better.

-I pray that the Prime Minister finally develops the courage and wisdom to implement policies which will help reduce the record breaking number of crimes happening on the island.

-I pray that the Government will finally do something meaningful to help reduce the cost of fuel, kerosene, cooking gas, bus fares, electricity, pork and now bread.

-I pray that they will change their minds about selling Port Castries and the Soufriere Waterfront

-I pray that they will not continue to allow laziness and incompetence to allow our roads to continue to deteriorate to the unacceptable conditions which we currently endure

-I pray that they will deliver on their promises of $1500 for each citizen, the bonuses for frontliners, the removal of the $1.50 excise tax on fuel for fisherfolk and the complete removal of property tax

-I pray that our farmers will once again be able to export bananas to the United Kingdom

-I pray that they will swallow their pride and not sell off Hewanorra International Airport as they currently plan to

-I pray that they stop the political games and deliver a world class St Jude Hospital to the people of the south

-I pray that new programmes and policies will be implemented to create new job and business opportunities for our youth and citizens

Did I miss anything? What would you like to see the Government do in 2023?