Chrisean Rock Disputes Tamar Braxton Claims: ‘Where is the Video?”

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Chrisean Rock has broken her silence as she accuses Tamar Braxton of trying to embarrass her at her recent concert and even seemingly threatens the singer.

Rock has been under fire for hitting Braxton’s backup singer, James Wright Chanel, in his face, resulting in injuries to his face and damage to his teeth. On Monday, Chrisean Rock was on Instagram Live via her sister’s account, where she seemingly called out Tamar and threatened her.

“It’s cool, you try to embarrass me publicly like I deserve that, that’s real cool. Be safe, that’s all I got to say, you over there fake crying, be safe, that fake crying ain’t gonna save you, be safe…broke a$$ b**ches,” she said.

Before that, she insulted the Braxton Family Values star.

“Everybody know what the f**k they doing, they old as sh*t knowing what they doing. Y’all dried up and know what the f**k y’all doing. When I come back to IG I’m only f**king with myself and my son… When I drop my account back I’m dropping, Imma pop my sh*t on a verse…” Rock added.

On Monday night, Tamar claimed that Chrisean Rock was not a performer at her show as she was not given a contract or paid. However, she did admit to asking her to attend the show and later told her it would be cool if she walked out on stage to her song.

However, Rock and her sister also disputed claims by Tamar and said she was lying. “Why try to lie and say nobody told her she was about to perform? Why did she have the mic? Why did they have me give the DJ her CD?” the sister said, while Rock said Tamar was “evil and old and washed up and didn’t know what to do.”

Another woman in the background also said that Rock left her son at home and “She was mad what the f**k.”

Chrisean Rock also claimed that Tamar and her staff were lying about the alleged assault on James. “So did I get somebody or get embarrassed?” Rock asked. “I didn’t see nobody get hit,” the sister said while Rock chimed in, “and where is the video?”

In the meantime, Rock also questioned why James has refused to show his face, as she claimed that the reason he is not showing his face is because he’s lying.

In the meantime, Tamar’s tour manager said he saw when Rock assaulted James.

According to him, they had agreed that Chrisean was to go out during a twerk session. However, he said he saw Chrisean break down and cry, and he felt sympathy for her because “a big line of miscommunication took place.”

The tour manager said that Chrisean Rock was in the dressing room with Tamar, and the choreographer was called in to disclose why Rock did not appear on stage. However, the choreographer said Rock was close to the stage as she was required to be.

“Chrisean was not on the side of the stage when it was time for the twerk part,” he said.

The manager, however, said that Rock insisted that she was at the side of the stage and she was upset.

“James comes in the room and notices that Chrisean is upset, by the mirror..he [James] was consoling her and I was literally right next to James…Tamar asked James what happened and why didn’t Chrisean go out during the twerk session. James said ‘We was looking for her on the side of the stage and she was not on the side of the stage’. Chrisean got very upset….and James said no you wasn’t there we called for you and you wasn’t, and Chrisean was like say ‘I wasn’t there one more time’” he said, adding that “this girl just hit this boy a couple a times with them big a$$ rings,” he said.

It’s unclear if James Wright is pressing charges against Chrisean Rock, who is already facing mounting legal problems for assaulting other people.