Cops in Berbice hunt for missing police firearm

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Timothy Sampson and his ransacked house

Led by Region Six Commander Shivpersaud Bacchus, law enforcement officers in the East Berbice-Corentyne region on Wednesday conducted an operation aimed at recovering a firearm that went missing after last being in the possession of a police officer.

The firearm was reportedly issued to a senior police officer and went missing just over two weeks ago.

Police had issued a statement explaining that a Constable was at a Gymkhana Event in East Canje, Berbice with some friends when he was attacked by several males. During the attack, several beer bottles were pelted in his direction.

This publication understands that the senior officer was also at the event and had given the Constable his firearm for safekeeping.

There are reports that the officer who was attacked did not have the firearm in his possession when he was rescued.

Meanwhile, the operation to recover the firearm took place on Wednesday night where ranks visited several homes in the East Canje area.

Police also rearrested a suspect who was initially arrested when the initial investigations into the missing firearm began.

According, to Commander Bacchus, a motorcycle and a car were also seized by the police during their operation.

Timothy Sampson turning himself in at the police station

Timothy Sampson, who has had brushes with the law in the past, says the vehicles both belong to him. Sampson is questioning the police’s operation after they went into his home and ransacked the place, whilst he was not there.

Meanwhile, during the course of this afternoon, Sampson turned himself in at Central Police Station after being told that he was wanted by the police. He was subsequently arrested and remains in custody.