Dancehall Veteran General B Says Harry Toddler Friends Tried To Kill Him

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

General B is lamenting the treatment he received from his co-founder for Boom Box Fridays, Harry Toddler, and says he was pushed off the stage at the event he helped to found, and later, more than a dozen men laid hands on him.

Videos of the fight have gone online, showing General B being pushed off the stage by an unnamed man. A new video shows the moments before the fight as he and Harry Toddler had an exchange of words.

In the video, General B was heard saying that he was always about compromise and striving with love after Toddler reportedly took the stage to “throw word” at him by referring to hypocrites in the crowd while shouting late founding member Boom Dandimite.

General B and Harry Toddler exchanged words as somebody in the crowd told him to “s*ck yuh muma,” and he returned the words kindly.

During an interview with Terro Don, General B shared that he came up with the name of the event during the pandemic alongside Nitty Kutchie, which started as a regular “beat box” hang-out where they were all deejaying. They decided to meet up weekly and advertised the event, which is now a weekly dancehall event.

It seems that the issues with Harry Toddler are due to General B and Nitty deciding to move Boom Box Fridays to another location to expand the event brand to the United States and other places.

However, General B says that he and Toddler have been at odds for a while. “Mi fight fi it [Boom Box Fridays] because ah something mi create. Unnu a try take way me platform from me and anuh like you own it,” General B said.

He added that before the Boom Box Fridays incident, Toddler’s behavior towards him was sour, especially since he was able to work and travel abroad while Toddler can’t. “Feelings a carry and a develop but me nah make that get to me,” he said.

Why was General B attacked?

The deejay lamented Toddler and his men attacking him.

“Bredda, man never have the day or the heart fi try diss me. No man never disrespect me like that inna me life; push me off the stage… anuh that neither, you and you friend them gang me,” he said, adding that he did suffer any injury from the fall.

However, he claims that at least 15 men rushed him, with some of them having knives and attempting to stab him.

“Ah kill the man ah try kill me and Toddler sit down right desso and ah low them and ah yuh friends them bro,” he said of Toddler.

He also addressed claims by Toddler that he wanted to control things, but he said that the social media accounts were not being managed properly and there were many errors leading to him taking on the posters and the social media since Toddler cannot read and spell.

Toddler also posted a video recently where he blasted General B and gave an idea of the issues between them.

“Bout you a business partner, my youth you a wicked boy. Mi can tell everybody that. You deh beside me and a try trick me. You want control YouTube, Instagram, the bar, you want control the money, you want control everything and ah my bloodc***t money build it. My yute don’t deal with after today and you can’t carry Boom Box guh a farrin and except me percentage through me can’t go a farrin,” he said.

Flexxx Defends General B

In the meantime, dancehall artiste Flexxx also addressed General B being violated.

The artiste said he was taken aback by the incident.

“Ah really a gwan inna music mi G, ah really a happen, what the problem dawg?” he asked and said that the man who pushed General B off the stage and Harry Toddler needed to suffer some consequence for their actions.