DDG Tell Fans ‘Mind Your Business’ Reacts To Halle Bailey Having Daughter Rumors

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Rapper DDG took offense to fans questioning whether he and Halle Bailey had a baby girl. Over the weekend, Gossip of the City reported that Halle gave birth to a seven-pound baby boy just before Christmas, and a video of a baby crying in the background has also piqued fans’ interest as they question why the couple is hiding the baby.

Addressing the questions for the first time on Sunday, DDG was angry with fans who asked about the baby.

“Bro, I don’t know why people is like so invested in what I got going on or what we got going on like. Bro, mind your business. Go outside, touch some grass, go do a cart wheel in your backyard, bro. It’s weird,” DDG said.

The rapper and YouTuber says he loves his supporters, but he doesn’t know them in real life to share his personal business.

“Bro, why do you care so much? Whatever is going on in my life or her life, it’s not gonna change yours. Best believe… Let’s focus on ourselves 202, let’ try to lock in on ourselves in 2024 mind yo own business… I don’t give a damn if you like me for her,” he added.

He also addressed comments by other fans who think he isn’t good enough for Halle.

DDG and Halle are suspected to have welcomed a baby more than a week ago, but neither has publicly acknowledged the birth of the child or the fact that she was pregnant.

Suddenly, Halle has also resumed posting images that include her belly area after posting only throwbacks and photos from back for the past six months. Many believe she kept her pregnancy private due to her Disney Little Mermaid deal.