End of the World: ‘Thank you and goodbye’


Britain’s best-selling Sunday tabloid the News of the World signed off with a simple front page message – “THANK YOU & GOODBYE” – leaving the British media establishment reeling from the expanding phone-hacking scandal that brought down the muckraking newspaper after 168 years. Journalists crafted the newspaper’s own obituary before sending the tabloid’s final edition to the printing presses Saturday night, apologizing for letting its readers down but stopping short of acknowledging recent allegations that staff paid police for information. “We praised high standards, we demanded high standards but, as we are now only too painfully aware, for a period of a few years up to 2006 some who…

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US suspends $800m in Pakistan military aid

The US is withholding some $800 million in aid to Pakistan, almost a third of the $2.7bn in security assistance it provides each year to the South Asian nation, Barack Obama’s chief of staff has confirmed. Relations between the key allies, always tricky, have drastically deteriorated since US commandos shot […]