Floyd Mayweather Has Two Briefcase Of Money For NBA YoungBoy

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather seems to be hinting that he’s ready for NBA YoungBoy to hand over his parental rights after the Louisiana rapper went on a rant and joked that he would take $20 million to hand over his rights.

On Saturday, Floyd Mayweather posted a video on Instagram tagging his daughter Iyanna Mayweather and his grandson, KJ’s account, showing off his new Rolls Royce and two suitcases of money.

At first, Mayweather talked about his Rolls Royce and revealed that he was watching the documentary of the legendary match between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier III.

“Chiling in a EWB Rolls Royce. For those that don’t know what an EWB is, that’s an extended wheels-based Rolls Royce. I need the leg… I know I ain’t that tall, bout 5 8 and a half, some days 5 foot 9 [inches] but it is what it is watching the Thrilla in Manila Ali vs Frasier documentary,” he said.

The boxer also mentioned that he was sending two Louis Vuitton suitcases full of money to YoungBoy.

He added, “and a bag. It’s crazy. NBA YoungBoy, see all this? It’s on its way to you. Let’s go.”

It’s unclear how much money was in the bag, but it seems that Mayweather was replying to YoungBoy, who bashed his daughter in a video sometime last month. During the rant, YoungBoy claimed that Iyanna did not want to send her child alone to see YoungBoy, who lives with his wife, Jazlyn Mychelle.

“Aye Iyanna with her stupid, disgusting stick body a**, that b***h she won’t let the son come unless she comes. B***h, I ain’t going for that…All the kids always in this b***h, I ain’t gotta post them,” YoungBoy said.

In the same video, the rapper also joked that he was willing to part with his paternity rights for $20 million. Mayweather’s comments also come after YoungBoy said in a recent interview that he was “not big” on fatherhood.

He’s received much backlash for the statement.