Former National Athletes Will Help Energize the Public to Focus on Personal Health and Wellness at UPP ‘Fitness Jam’

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The content originally appeared on: Antigua News Room

Creating a strong and health society is high on the agenda, as the United Progressive Party cruises into the election season, on a mission to bring greater awareness to personal health and wellness.

The Party is sponsoring a ‘Fitness Jam’ a fun, cultural experience that will bring the community together to participate in a 5K walk from Pensioner’s Beach to Multipurpose Center and back.

It will be held on Thursday December 8th at 4pm.

The warm up begins at Pensioners’ Beach at 3:30pm. Participants can stretch, stroll, jog or jam to the sounds of an impressive entertainment line-up that includes: King Menace, DJs Ruthless, Miguel and Snypa, all powered by Young Jugglaz Sounds.

Several UPP Candidates will also be featured as fitness instructors and motivators. This team includes former national athletes, Kelvin “Shugy” Simon – St. Mary’s South and Tevaughn Harriette – St. Peter.

Other members on the fitness team are:

Political Leader, Harold Lovell – St. John’s City East

Deputy Political Leader, Hon. Jamale Pringle – All Saints East and St. Luke, Anthony Smith Jr. – All Saints West

Gladys Potter – St. John’s Rural South

Simon, a certified fitness trainer and former national basketball player, encourages everyone regardless of age or fitness level, to participate in this initiative.

“We want to ignite a fitness revolution in Antigua and Barbuda because healthy citizens are the greatest asset any country can have. Anyone can participate, but you must come prepared with proper walking shoes and water to stay hydrated.

Our fitness team will be on hand to guide and motivate all participants to complete the 5K course,” Simon says.

“The Fitness Jam will help to energize the community to make better fitness a priority and to take actions towards a healthy lifestyle,” said Tevaughn Harriette, former national footballer and UPP Candidate for St. Peter.

According to UPP Political Leader, Harold Lovell, that the party is proposing a number of programs that will focus on personal health and wellbeing.

“A healthy nation leads to a stronger economy. Keeping people well and out of hospital will deliver benefits to not only individuals, but to our entire health system,” Lovell said.

Lovell believes that wellness is a personal and professional responsibility and he encourages his team to incorporate more wellness activities into their daily routines, as the Party enters the homestretch of the election campaign.

Route of the Fitness Jam

The event begins at Pensioners’ Beach and participants will venture to:

– Hatton Road, into Green Bay and Grays Farm and take a left at the traffic light on to Valley Road.

– Make a left on to Perry Bay Drive near Multipurpose Center and a right on to Hatton Road and back to Pensioners’ Beach.

The event will end with a Cool Down and Meditative Bonfire Session, followed by an After Party.  Drinks and refreshments will be on sale.