Haiti`s Larger Tragedy U.S. Made


CaribWorldNews, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Jan. 15, 2010:  It seems impossible anything could be worse than the death and suffering of Haiti`s once in 200 year earthquake. But it is.

The suffering is being magnified because of the destitute nature of
Haiti itself, maybe the poorest least functioning nation on earth yet only a few hundred miles off the U.S. shore and not a continent away like Somalia.

Isn`t it `brave` for U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to say we will not abandon Haiti. Well we have abandoned Haiti Ms. Clinton and the
 Obama administration has been no better than the Bush or Clinton administrations before it.

Haiti is the ultimate terrible example of the entire U.S. government`s attitude toward the Caribbean; also highlighted by our bankrupt Cuba policy likewise continued by the Obama Administration.

While the American government spends TRILLIONS in Iraq and Afghanistan, much of it wasted to corruption and the rest of it in a futile
 attempt to stop underpants bombers while thousands of Americans die in the mindless pursuit – the U.S. government does virtually nothing in comparison to stop pitiful deprivation in its own backyard.

The tragedy in Haiti in the wake of the earthquake is so much worse because even the most basic services – water, electricity, roads, hospitals – barely existed before the earthquake. Haitians exist in conditions normally that no one should in the 21st century and their lives were hopeless even without the earthquake.

Haiti is the victim of a bankrupt U.S. foreign policy that ignores any country without power or that has not been labeled a terrorist threat even if those countries are within sight of the U.S. mainland.

At least if Haiti had good baseball players like the Dominican Republic, which shares the same island with Haiti, Haitians would have been the object of U.S. sports imperialism and received some ever so modest assistance from the U.S. sports industry to supply baseball factories where a least a few thousand Haitian boys would escape some of the desperate poverty for a few years until they proved not good enough for the Major League Baseball machine stateside.

Instead, Haiti is seen as having nothing worth exploiting on the U.S. mainland so Haiti might as well be in Hell from the view of Washington, the Pentagon and American Big Business. And that is just where Haiti is in a living Hell before and after the earthquake.

No matter how much emergency aid the U.S. gives Haiti in the coming days, weeks and months it will be miniscule compared to the hundreds of billions we will spend in the second most corrupt country on earth after Somalia, Afghanistan.

In addition to killing thousand of Afghanis, the U.S. will spend futile billions building schools, roads, hospitals, electrical generating stations, and all kinds of infrastructure projects in Afghanistan but will not spend
even 1 percent as much on Haiti even in the wake of the earthquake. Too

If only the Taliban would establish an outpost in Haiti. The U.S. government, with some support from other governments, can have over 100,000 soldiers and maybe as many support personnel in Afghanistan indefinitely but even at the height of the earthquake relief effort in Haiti the U.S. will not have anywhere near the resources there and after the immediate emergency passes, even those resources will quickly dwindle.

But Haiti is only the very worst example of the entire U.S. Caribbean attitude of neglect and imperialism, in which the U.S. government treats the Caribbean little different today than when the Caribbean was `officially` a plantation society.

In its own way, the Caribbean is the most damning example of the already bankrupt policies of the Obama Administration. The `YES WE
CAN` con that resulted in American voters electing a President who preaches change yet delivers more of the same in the United States and beyond in the Caribbean and around the world.

President Obama`s almost tearful statement on camera in the aftermath of the Haitian earthquake proves again what a talented actor we now have in The White House.

Mr. President you love to travel. How about taking a trip to Haiti even though you won`t be able to travel in the splendor of Air Force One because Haiti`s capital barely had a functioning airport before and can`t handle the needs of the current drastic emergency conditions.

Go to Haiti anyway and listen to the cries of the dying buried below their cement shacks that collapsed around them. Go see the thousands of dead bodies rotting in the streets because Haiti doesn`t even have a functioning bureaucracy or basic morgues to store the dead. Go President Obama and see what American foreign policy has really done right off our shores. – Commentary By Arthur Piccolo/Special to CWNN

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