Harry Toddler Breaks Silence, Says General B Tried To Stab Him At Boom Box Fridays

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Dancehall veteran Harry Toddler is disputing that he attacked General B at Boom Box Fridays more than a week ago and says he was the one who was injured after General B stabbed him.

In a series of voice notes shared on Instagram, Harry Toddler claims that he is the victim and denies that the men who attacked General B were not associated with him.

Videos of the incident were shared online, showing a man pushing General B off of the stage at Boom Box Fridays. The event is currently owned by General B and Harry Toddler, but it seems that based on comments by the former, there is a dispute over money and the ownership of the show which General B wants to take abroad.

According to Harry Toddler, General B tried to stab him the same night of the incident. According to Toddler, he tried to intervene after General B was pushed off the stage but his friend and partner turned on him.

“Everybody a wonder how Toddler nuh say nothing yet. People mi a look into mi life how me nearly dead one night and everybody a look pan one push off,” he began.

He continued, “People mi fi dead a backstage a Boom Box, General B almost run up him knife inna me belly and cut the yute who ah run pan the stage, put him knife inna him bag and run off…Stab off a mi throat a road.”

Toddler said he was “lucky” to escape with his life and that he was telling “bare lies.”. According to him, General B was only pushed off the stage, and nobody fought him.

“Weh the doctor bill deh? How Toddler nuh deh at the police station, how mi nuh get lock up yet… bro, nobody nuh fight the youth enuh. Ah General B a wild up and ah create excitement and ah run up and down and ah fling way the things them and the man dem a try hold him down and calm him down and a stab him stab up something enuh bro,” Toddler said.

He continued, “Yo General B nearly stab out di wul a mi belly backstage enuh, dead mi fi dead enuh… the man don’t want Boom Box keep because him want the bar. Dead mi nearly dead and nobody nuh know,” Toddler said.

Last weekend, General B claimed that he was attacked by Toddler and his cronies. “You and you friend them gang me,” he said.

He also said that at least 15 men tried to stab him. “Ah kill them man ah try kill me and Toddler sit down right desso and ah low them and ah yuh friends them bro,” he said.