Husband Of Toni Braxton Impersonator Feeling The Pressure


CaribWorldNews, LAS VEGAS, NV, Fri. May 15, 2009: This Sunday will mark the sixth wedding anniversary of Raymond and Tina Johnson-Finn. But Johnson-Finn is hundreds of miles away in a Suriname jail and the stress is starting to weigh on Finn.

Finn has been fighting to free his wife, who is accused of working with promoters to impersonate Toni Braxton at a Suriname concert. But the Finns have a contract that showed that Johnson-Finn was hired to do a private show, not to fool hundreds of fans who shelled out for a February concert in the hopes of seeing the real Braxton.

Yet prosecutors continue to keep Finn-Johnson jailed in Suriname, where, through letters to her husband, she says she feels aged by as much as five years.

`Being here these few months makes me feel like I have aged 5 years,` wrote the singer and Las Vegas performer. `I feel the stress in my body and my mind. No matter how positive I try to be, reality always slaps me in the face.  This is hardcore living and I wouldn`t wish it on my worst enemy.`

Angel Ventura of Events for Suriname was recently nabbed by police but some how, Signet Sampson, Ventura`s girlfriend who fled with Ventura with the concert proceeds over two months ago, was this week released by the Public Prosecutor`s office in Suriname.  Sampson had turned herself in last week after Ventura`s arrest and confession.

Finn, who was imprisoned but then released, has been drumming up support with U.S. lawmakers on Capitol Hill for his wife, an American citizen by birth.

He`s also using the media to share their side of the story and continues to insist that they are innocent. Finn insists his wife was used as a pawn by Ventura and is now paying the price as lawmakers continue to keep her jailed in Suriname.

But as he marks an anniversary alone and away from his wife, the strength he`s used to fight for the past few months is starting to ebb.

As he states, `I can`t even bear to be in our own house without her here on our anniversary weekend.  So I have nothing but contempt for Ventura and his colleagues who perpetrated this scam and set my wife up for the fall.`

His only wish now is that by some miracle, Johnson-Finn will return so they can leave the Suriname nightmare behind.

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