Irene wasn’t overhyped for rural areas on East Coast


More News While many in major East Coast cities wondered whether officials over-prepared the public for Hurricane Irene, the answer from the mostly rural areas hardest hit by the storm was unequivocally no. Although New York and other major cities were spared the worst of the storm, it slammed rural areas that will need federal help to rebuild. But the Federal Emergency Management Agency has little money left after a series of disasters this year, and Congress will have to address the agency’s multiplying needs when it returns next week. After tearing through eastern North Carolina late last week, Hurricane Irene dumped as much as a foot of rain on parts of the Northeast, including upstate…

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Katia speeds up in Atlantic, not clear if threat to U.S.

MIAMI (Reuters) – The U.S. East Coast is mopping up after Hurricane Irene’s weekend battering that killed around 40 people and authorities and residents are looking out anxiously over the Atlantic and asking: Is another one coming? Tropical Storm Katia has top winds of 60 miles per hour (95 km […]