Jada Kingdom Responds To D’Angel Diss Track: “lady leave us alone”

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Jada Kingdom says she is not going to get pulled into another dancehall beef.

Dancehall artiste D’Angel has released a new song, “Start It,” as she reminds her fans and observers that she once slept with two friends (Beenie Man and Bounty Killer) and turned them into archenemies, which caused one of the biggest and most infamous dancehall beefs.

D’Angel released the new track on Tuesday night, claiming that she is the one who started clashing with female artists in dancehall music, sparking a reply from Jada Kingdom.

“Mi see D’Angel coming out saying that it was Bounty Killer she wanted, not Beenie, man. So D’Angel is the one who actually started it [clash] so we have to give D’Angel her props,” an audio intro on her song “Start It” said.

The artiste is capitalizing on the ongoing beef between Stefflon Don and Jada, seemingly taking shots at them both in the track.

“Some gyal run it for free, some gyal run it for things… Top star, dem nuh inna my class dem a fight over man and bruk like glass/ Lead me a lead if me never step out no war wouldn’t start/ mi go a London go turn the cold hot…” the song said.

“Try calm down and behave unnu self, people tired fi hear unnu shame unu self/ that did a keep but that done now,” D’Angel sang.

Jada Kingdom also responded to D’Angel on Instagram. “LMFAO, lady leave us alone! Wi tired wtf,” she wrote in a comment on Instagram. D’Angel also replied, “mi no tired bro.”

On Instagram, the “GPP” artiste wrote, “Guys go follow @dangelmusic help shi out fimi deh please! Guh like, share & subscribe,” Jada commented.

Jada also popped up on her Instagram comments with the laughing and fire emojis, prompting her followers to have fits of laughter under the post.

Fans also reacted to the song. “Angel go one side find u age paper granny,” one person commented. “Go sing bout queenie or amari .. yuh age group,” another said.

“K so Angie! You go over London make the place hot (Steff London) over the kingdom you go and fire some shot! (Jada kingdom) okkkkk mamssssssss,” another person commented.

Stefflon Don has not responded to D’Angel mentioning her name in the diss song. Jada also alleges that Steff’s mother, Mumma London, had a relationship with Beenie Man, who was married and had a child with D’Angel. Of course, Mumma London, has since denied the allegation, but Beenie has not responded.