Kenya Says It Has Deported A Controversial Jamaican Cleric


CaribWorldNews, LONDON, England, Thurs. Jan. 7, 2010: The Kenyan government has sent a Jamaican-born Muslim imam packing despite having trouble finding an airline willing to take him on board as a passenger.

Radical Muslim, Sheikh Abdullah al-Faisal, was yesterday deported, Police spokesman Eric Kiraithe told the BBC, adding that his final destination was Jamaica.

Al-Faisal, born Trevor William Forrest in Jamaica, was convicted in Britain on terrorism-related charges in 2003 and deported on release in 2007. He was arrested on New Year`s Eve after entering Kenya from Tanzania through the Lunga Lunga border crossing at the Coast.

Authorities said they had arrested him because of breaching the terms of his tourist visa, which did not allow him to preach. Further, Kenya  Immigration Minister, Otieno Kajwang, said Faisal was on an international watch-list of terrorists.


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