Kevin Lyttle’s 13-year-old son starts organisation to help underserved children in SVG with school shoes

The content originally appeared on: NBC SVG

By Demion McTair

A nonprofit organisation was officially launched yesterday (July 3) by the son of international soca star – Kevin Lyttle to help provide footwear to underserved children in St Vincent and the Grenadines. 

The nonprofit organisation is called – Lyttle Feet, and Kevin Lyttle’s 13-year-old son – KJ Lyttle is the visionary behind the initiative, according to a press release from Ignite Consultancy. 

It was launched, virtually yesterday (July 3).

Lyttle Feet is “dedicated to purchasing and distributing shoes to children in need,” the press release stated.

“My happiness is to see other children like myself be able to go to school, and carry out other activities with proper shoes that protect their legs from injury while they have fun,” KJ Lyttle said, according to the press release. 

Lyttle Feet aims to make a lasting impact in the lives of children all around the world starting with St Vincent and the Grenadines, the press release added. 

Parents of students who need the assistance of getting shoes for school are asked to visit to choose the shoe they want, fill a form, and then follow an outlined process with their parent/guardian.

Persons can also contact  +1 (727) 777-7248.

“The non-profit understands the importance of proper footwear in promoting health, dignity, and well-being. By focusing on shoe donations, the organization strives to bridge the gap between those who have access to quality shoes and those who do not. The lack of suitable footwear can hinder children from participating in everyday activities that children enjoy like going to school, sporting activities, or just playing with friends, and can also lead to various foot-related health issues,” the release stated. 

 “Lyttle Feet is not just about providing shoes for children in St Vincent and Grenadines, it’s all about caring for others and enhancing the world. The goal is to encourage children to pursue their goals and aspirations and to believe in themselves. By meeting this basic need, we are giving children the opportunity to study, grow, and achieve their goals with pride,” a founding member of the organization said, according to the press release. 

“Lyttle Feet plans to collaborate with local communities, businesses, and partner organizations to establish monetary donations that will be done online through our website. Donors give money and shoes are ordered and branded by Lyttle Feet before distribution to the children that have been approved as beneficiaries. These branded shoes will then be carefully sorted and distributed to children in St Vincent and the Grenadines,” the press release stated.

The remainder of the press release: 

In addition to collecting and distributing shoes, Lyttle Feet will prioritize educational initiatives to raise awareness about the importance of proper footwear and foot health. 

Lyttle Feet invites individuals, corporations, and community organizations to join them in their mission by donating shoes or supporting their cause through volunteering or financial contributions. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of those children and provide them with the steppingstones they need to thrive.

Feature photo: Don Tequila Ross