Kick ‘Em Jenny activity has now decreased

The content originally appeared on: NBC SVG

Seismic activities at the submarine volcano Kick ‘Em Jenny has since decreased following a period of heightened activity over the weekend.

Geologist, Professor Richard Robertson speaking on Talk Yuh Talk program this morning explained that the activity which occurred over the weekend is often seen from time to time.

Professor Robertson explained that the volcano has been erupting since the 1930s


He explained that they are able to know the volcano erupts because it generates seismic signals called T-phase, which is a kind of earthquake wave which is propagated through the ocean and is recorded.

Professor Richard Robertson said the chance of the submarining volcano Kick Em Jenny generating a wave that could cause serious damage is still some distance away.

He said that while persons should not be alarmed that the volcano can generate a wave that could cause destruction, it is not inconceivable that it could become a problem in the future.


Professor Robertson said that the volcanic activity level is kept at a yellow to maintain the 1.5km exclusion zone, so marine users are not operating over or near to the volcano.