Latin America Now Has Over 11,000 Coronavirus Cases


Caribbean News, Latin America News:

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Sat. Mar. 28, 2020: On Friday, the number of total confirmed cases of the new coronavirus in Latin America and the Caribbean was just under 10,000. By this morning, new data shows Latin America alone now has almost 11,000 confirmed cases of the virus.

Data analyzed by News Americas show Latin America now has a total of 10,937 confirmed cases with 209 deaths to date.

Brazil is leading the region with 3,477 cases as the country’s total jumped by 60 overnight and its death total reached 93. Nicaragua has the least number of confirmed cases to date at 4 and only one death.

 Here’s where other countries in this region stand today:

Ecuador – 1,627 cases and 41 deaths

Chile – 1,610 cases and 5 deaths

Panama – 786 cases and 14 deaths

Mexico – 717 cases and 12 deaths

Argentina – 690 cases and 17 deaths

Peru – 635 cases and 11 deaths.

Uruguay – 274 cases

Costa Rica – 263 cases and 2 deaths

Venezuela – 113 cases and 2 deaths.

Paraguay – 56 cases and 3 deaths

El Salvador – 19 cases

Nicaragua – 4 cases and 1 death.

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