Latto Calls Out Man Claiming To Be Her Ex-Boyfriend On Instagram

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Latto is denying that he dated a man named Ray James after he popped up, claiming that they were in a relationship long before she became famous and even provided photos to substantiate the claim.

These days, Latto is slowly growing into a hip-hop household name as she works on her craft and continues to put out good music. While many have been curious about her romantic life, including her current relationship, which she has kept secret, it seems that a man claiming to be from the past has popped up and is name-dropping Latto as his ex.

On Tuesday night, Latto called on her fans to shut down the man’s page for his “weirdo” claim. The rapper shared a video of the man where he claimed that he is not seeking attention by making the post on Monday.

“Say man, y’all already know it’s your boy,” he says in the video. “Y’all talkin’ ’bout I’m clout chasin’ and sh*t, y’all get off my d*ck.”

“First of all, I been Instagram famous,” he said of his 25K Instagram followers. “I been going viral and sh*t before she even got famous, n***a.”

On Monday, the man claimed that he met Latto around 2013, and they chatted on the Kik app.

On his Instagram page, where he claimed to be a rapper, he said, “Yea I dated @latto777 before in 2013 before she even blew up we use to perform at the same events…she had a stank attitude,” he captioned three photos of himself and the Atlanta rapper.

Latto later responded with a message calling fans to get James’ page down.

“Yalllllll please get this weirdo page deleted [crying emojis],” she wrote. “I [swear to god] I don’t know him!! Don’t add no extra bodies or exes on me!!!!!!!!!!!”It seems that the account is trolling and seeking to grow its following as it thanked followers for 500K views on his stories.

He also shared a screenshot of Latto’s fans bullying him in the DMs, which he claimed he did not have time to respond to. James has also not wasted a moment promoting his “freestyles” on Instagram Stories and begging for comments, likes, and followers on Instagram Stories.

In a comment response, Latto also claimed that she did not know him as she responded to a comment by another person who pointed out that she was 14 years old in 2013.