Letter: Ferguson should provide to Housing Ministry evidence of illegal sale of house lots

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Annette Ferguson

Dear Editor,

The Ministry of Housing and Water takes note of a letter written by Coalition member Annette Ferguson, “Half of the PPP/C’s house lots’ allocations were inherited from the Coalition Government.”

These are the facts:

During its lethargic tenure in Government – from 2015 to 2020 – the Coalition developed three housing schemes: at Peter’s Hall, Prospect Track ‘E’, and Providence 125, where 279, 186 and 1258 house lots were developed. In its five years in Government, the Coalition allocated a total of 7,534 house lots and regularised no new areas.

When we assumed Government, we inherited a backlog of 75,509 applications. There was a dire need for new housing areas, for infrastructural development of existing housing areas, and urgent need for house lots. Therefore, the PPP/C’s manifesto promise, and the subsequent mandate of the Ministry of Housing and Water, sought to bring immediate relief to this burden.

From August 2020 to end of December 2022, we have:1. Allocated over 20,500 house lots.2. Established 44 new housing areas.3. Upgraded and installed infrastructure in 43 existing housing areas.4. Built 827 houses (low and moderate-income and young professional), with a further 527 in progress. The investment cost for these houses is pegged at more than seven billion dollars.5. We have regularized six areas, and reduced squatter settlements from nineteen to thirteen.6. We have processed and distributed 4256 certificates of title and transports.These are indisputable facts.

We also note with concern the allegation and accusation made by Ms. Ferguson regarding the illegal sale of house lots. We ask Ms. Ferguson to provide the Ministry of Housing with evidence that she has in her possession, so that we can launch an investigation into her claims. In the interim, we wish to remind applicants that there is no intermediary needed or authorised by the Ministry of Housing, or the CHPA, to facilitate ownership of a house lot.

Yours sincerely,Collin D CroalMinister of Housingand Water