LETTER: Many thanks PM Browne… You & your administration have earned my “X”

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Black Immigrant Daily News

The content originally appeared on: Antigua News Room

Dear Editor,

Recently, I decided to carry out a post mortem concerning the performance of the  Gaston Browne’s administration for the years they have been in office.

Of course, I took into consideration the two years that the pandemic seriously impacted the world including our little twin island state.

According to my findings, the Gaston Browne’s administration definitely has some flaws.  However, the good that his administration has done for this country, outweighs the few flaws the administration has exhibited.

Unlike the UPP, who has a bunch of inept & incompetent individuals & a track record that shows that they ran this economy into a failed state, the ABLP, in my view, comprises of a team which has a combination of youth & maturity with experience and intelligence that is creating a synergy among its members & propelling them to take the country to next level.

In all sectors of the economy there’s growth & development causing the country to move forward in leaps & bounds.

Years ago, under the VC Bird’s administration, our twin island state was transformed to ” A New Antigua”. Under the Lester Bird’s administration the state was transformed to ” A Modern Antigua “.

Now, under the Gaston Browne’s administration it is quite clear that our beautiful nation is now been transformed into ” An Economic Power House ” which is causing us to be envied by many witin the region & on the international stage.

I am sure many will join with me to extend a special thank you to Prime Minister Gaston Browne & his ABLP team for transforming the economic landscape into a paradise.

Because of the PM’s vision, his dedication & his foresight that he has for this country, the Labour Party has earned my X. I am sure that many of my peers will share the same opinion.

1. In sports our young talented athletes are becoming ambassadors.  Yasco has been upgraded and has now become a certified track. Community fields have been renovated with new infrastructure

2. In education there’s the construction of a state of the art secondary school the Sir Novel Richard’s Secondary School.

The construction of a local University thus making university education cheaper & available to all.

There’s  the 2nd chance program including the vocational program which has empowered many early school leavers. Students & teachers have been equipped with modern laptops. Scholarships have been granted to over 1000 students.

3. Our main highways are now looking & feeling like runways .

4. The Covid epidemic was managed superbly preventing many fatalities and the lost of jobs in the public sector. WHO has used us as a MODEL to do a case study.

5 Our health system is on par with some international hospitals. Persons do not have to go overseas for dialysis & other health care services. Laparoscopic surgeries are offered now thus making surgeries less painful

6. In Tourism vendors, taxis & bus drivers  & other sectors of the country are enjoying the benefits from thousands upon thousands of visitors during the season

7. Barbudans can now own lands and use it as collateral for their personal development. The island is now becoming a breadbasket for our economy & a paradise to attract the rich & the famous

8. Farmers are provided with incentives on lands, machineries, utilities, security cameras etc which they never received before.

They are also provided with a platform to have their products marketed.

9. The poor, the elderly and the disabled are greatly looked after from effective welfare programs.  Pensioners are now getting paid on time and are up to date.

10. Antiguans are made proud & getting global recognition on the international stage from the great representation of our PM

11. Employees  from the banks, LIAT & Jolly Beach are treated with dignity.

12. Water supply has improved from installation of more RO plants

13. Every household now owns transportation

14 The housing stock has increased making way for the common person to own & live in a decent home

15. Nonnationals are treated with dignity & respect.

Women & youths are now playing an integral part in our LAW MAKING.

Certainly, Leadership matters!