LETTER: Why are we in Antigua always so eager and willing to eat our own?

The content originally appeared on: News Americas Now

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The content originally appeared on: Antigua News Room
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My Dear Editor,

Why are we in Antigua always so eager and willing to eat our own? We have seen it with our African brothers and sisters currently. What is wrong with us?

Foreigners of a different colour control Market Street and all the large hotels. No problem. A few hundred from the Motherland come. Big problem.

Global Bank. Same thing.

I have a daughter that regularly played in the Children Carnival, arranged by Alister Thomas, for whom Global Bank was the major sponsor.

That bank been here for 40 years, they were the first bank to sponsor university scholarships, they must have sponsored half the churches and social services at some point, they helped our athletes compete abroad like Bakka Bayley, and even the Cool and Smooth cricket, so what makes us think they will not settle their financial obligations. Leave it to the legal side to sort it out before you jump on the bank.

We took from Stanford who helped thousands and then we turned our backs on him.

There are always two sides of a story. Is it a fact that Jack the Canadian was a mega owner of Golden Palace Casino, and he put his millions from gambling in the Antigua bank, now he is moving his funds. Is it because Antigua is no longer a secrecy jurisdiction.

He make plenty more money from bank interest, will he pay withholding tax, and does he pay Canada Revenue?

So, where is it going? To a country that holds secret funds, or to the account of his gatekeeper accountant or lawyer?

It is enough money to help an election, and he like to play politics.

Come on, let’s be fair.