Magistrate raises concern about weed addiction among young men Loop Barbados

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The content originally appeared on: Barbados News

The court has encouraged 32-year-old Jabari Trevor Jackson to get some help.

The Bridge Cot, St George resident appeared at Supreme Court #5 before Chief Magistrate Ian Weekes for three drug charges; possession of cannabis, possession with the intent to supply and trafficking cannabis.

You are poisoning yourself with this crap, day in and day out

Jackson was held while police were conducting an operation in the area of Odessa McClean Drive, My Lord’s Hill, St Michael.

According to Sergeant Randolph Boyce, he was driving towards My Lord’s Hill Main Road when he looked in the direction of the police and proceeded to roll up his windows and sped to leave the area.

Jackson’s actions aroused police suspicion and they made chase. Jackson’s vehicle was searched and police found a transparent plastic bag with what they suspected to be cannabis under the driver’s seat.

When Jackson was asked about the discovery, he admitted saying, “This is my weed, I admit it is mine”. Police also found a white handle bag under the front passenger seat with seven vacuum-sealed packages, six plastic bags and 11 ziplock bags.

Jackson was then arrested and transported to the District A Police Station. Police later obtained a search warrant for his residence and found two grey ziplock bags and one black ziplock bag with what they suspected to be cannabis under the kitchen counter.

Sergeant Boyce stated that 97 grams of cannabis, valued at BBD $485 was found in the vehicle and 108 grams of cannabis valued at BBD $540 was found during the search of Jackson’s home.

The self-employed landscaper asked the chief magistrate for a “chance”, to which he reminded Jackson that he was first charged for possession in 2013.

When asked by Chief Magistrate Weekes about the purpose of the drugs, Jackson replied that his feet have nerve damage. Weekes then raised the issue of the number of young men in Barbados who are addicted to marijuana.

“You have had a history of herb smoking, and you don’t seem to have any desire to change, and many a magistrate has tried to assist you but you coming back – herb smoking all of the time,” Weekes said.

“The medicinal marijuana industry does not involve you planting trees in the backyard and when they are ready, they go into your tea. That is not how it is going to work. It is going to be regulated and it means that doctors will prescribe that.

“You are poisoning yourself with this crap, day in and day out…Wunna can’t find nothing constructive to do but drugs all the time,” he continued.

The chief magistrate asserted that the court “cannot do the work of families” but encouraged Jackson to seek assistance from the Probation Office or other organisations if he truly wanted to change.

Jackson received a suspended three-month sentence. It is suspended for 18 months.