Merry million Christmas: $1.2 M up for grabs with Mega 6 Jackpot Loop Barbados

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The content originally appeared on: Barbados News

With the Mega 6 Jackpot hitting the one-million-dollar mark and climbing, some lucky player could be in for a very merry holiday season and, according to Shelly Ann Hee Chung, Country Manager for IGT Antilles Operation – operators and managers of The Barbados Lottery, “players have been taking more than their usual chances to make their dreams come true!”

The Mega 6 Jackpot now stands at a whopping $1,210,000 and is still up for grabs, with excitement growing for the jackpot prize. Aided by special promotions to win additional prizes with The Barbados Lottery, players are encouraged even more to play and purchase their Mega 6 tickets for a chance to hit the ‘Mega million’ jackpot.

Hee Chung also stated that “Since Tuesday, November 15 when the Mega 6 Jackpot first hit the one-million-dollar mark, The Barbados Lottery’s Independence Square Retail “Flagship” Store and retail agents located islandwide have been abuzz with great anticipation to see who the big winner will be as well as the location to sell the winning ticket.”

The Barbados Lottery has paid out over $4.2 million in Mega 6 prizes for the year so far, with five lucky winners claiming Mega 6 Jackpot prizes of $465,000 and $465,000 in February (two-winner split-prize), $685,000 in April, $392,500 in May and $490,000 in August.

Will there be a sixth Mega 6 Jackpot winner for 2022?

An excited Hee Chung further expounded that The Barbados Lottery is anticipating a possible double Jackpot hit.

“Not only do we have the $1.2 million Mega 6 Jackpot up for grabs, but there is also a ‘Supreme’ $5.7 million Super Lotto Jackpot rising to sweeten the pot for our players!”

With just one ticket per game from The Barbados Lottery, each of these jackpot prizes and many other lottery prizes are ripe for the taking, making lucky players poised to close 2022 with memorable and merry wins this season.