Militants kill 13 Pakistan troops, behead 7


Militants crossed into Pakistan from Afghanistan and killed 13 Pakistani troops, beheading seven of them, the Pakistani military charged Monday. Outraged, Pakistan’s new prime minister said he would protest to the Afghan president. The border skirmish is a new sign of tensions between Pakistan and Afghanistan, two uneasy neighbors. Pakistan has complained that militants use parts of Afghanistan for sanctuary to stage attacks inside Pakistan. That claim helps Islamabad counter frequent U.S. and NATO complaints that militants behind much of the violence in Afghanistan come from Pakistan. Pakistani military officials said in a statement Monday that militants from Afghanistan crossed the…

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Rio +20 makes no fresh, green breast of the new world

Like The Great Gatsby, this summit failed to measure up to the challenge of a new world, preferring to recreate the failures of the past The Christ the Redeemer statue is reflected on the windows of a building during the Rio+20 Earth summit. Photograph: Christophe Simon/AFP/Getty Images “And as the […]