Mursaline backpedals on resignation as PNC treasurer, says will resolve ‘racial hostility’ issues internally

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Former PNC/R Treasurer Faaiz Mursali

After resigning as treasurer from the PNC/R after becoming frustrated with instances of racial hostility, Faaiz Mursaline has rescinded that resignation and has agreed to resolve his issues with the party, following a meeting with Leader Aubrey Norton.

Mursaline, during a telephone interview with this publication, confirmed that he is back with the PNC/R as its treasurer.

In fact, he explained that the party never accepted his resignation and on Monday, he officially communicated his intention to withdraw the letter.

According to Mursaline, he had a meeting with Norton on Monday. It was during this meeting he agreed to stay with the party and resolve his issues internally.

Norton had previously told the media that he was not aware of the issues of racial hostility Mursaline had regarding his time in the party.

Norton also claimed that the PNCR has mechanisms to deal with members who become involved in racism.

Mursalin, who has been affiliated with the PNC/R for close to a decade, was elected Treasurer of the party in December of 2021. But in December of last year, he resigned.

His reasons for resigning only recently came to light in a letter he addressed to the PNC/R Central Executive Committee (CEC).

In it, Mursalin contends that he faced racial discrimination during his time as Treasurer, including from a named well-known figure in the party. According to him, the party leadership seemed not to care about addressing this behaviour.