Nelly Emotional After Ashanti Gifted Him His Childhood Dreamcar For 49th Birthday

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Ashanti and Nelly have fully rekindled their relationship, and the couple appears to be stronger than ever. Ashanti gifted her rapper boo a sentimental gift for his birthday that left him emotional and teary-eyed.

Nelly couldn’t hide his emotions and joy in the photos and videos circulating online from his G.I. Moe-themed birthday Halloween party as he and the R&B songstress posed for a few photos showing off their outfits.

Ashanti was looking stunning as usual, showing off her sexy figure in a black-skin-fitted military garb that was outfitted with a camouflage coat flowing to her ankle. The outfit was accessorized with a fake gun and a chain of bullets strapped across her chest.

Nelly also nailed his Halloween look, dressing as a Ninja with a black stealth suit and full head gear covering his face. His outfit also sported a bulletproof vest, and it was accessorized with a chain of fake bullets as well as a fake gun. The highlight of his birthday party seemed to come after Ashanti revealed Nelly’s gift- a 64 Impala, the “Air Force Ones” rapper’s dream car as a child.

Ashanti can be heard shouting “Put it on” before she burst out singing Nelly’s song “Ride with Me” in a unique twist to the Happy Birthday song traditionally sung. Fireworks also go off to celebrate the rapper as their friends and family comment on the new whip.

Nelly also gets teary-eyed as he hugs and kisses Ashanti for the sentimental gift, which no doubt seems to have reminded him of his younger self and his goals long before he became a superstar.

The two share an extra-long and emotional hug as the rap legend appears to shed a few tears. A woman in the background comments – “he says this is the best gift he’s ever received in his life besides his kids.”

The couple appeared happy as they snuggled together for photos. Their reunion comes months after it was speculated that they reconnected. Both dated for a decade, from 2003-2013, before splitting and Nelly going on to date another woman whom he was engaged to. However, he became single last year. Ashanti, on the other hand, has not been publicly linked to anyone since their breakup.