Obama, Romney try to play it safe in 2012 gamble


In the risky business of running for president, Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney are largely playing it safe. For all the small daily dramas of the 2012 campaign, there’s a risk-averse dynamic playing out- Neither candidate has been making bold new policy proposals or displaying a free-wheeling personal style. So far, at least. Part of that is just who they are, Mr. Obama always has been known for his cool demeanor, and Romney has discipline built into his corporate pedigree. Neither of them has the swagger of former President George W. Bush, the renegade streak of 2008 Republican nominee John McCain or the rapscallion’s grin of former President Bill Clinton….

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Sweden wins song contest marked by Azeri dissent

BAKU (Reuters) – Sweden's Loreen won the Eurovision Song Contest in Azerbaijan on Sunday before an international TV audience of 100 million, days after angering Azeri authorities by meeting rights activists critical of the host country's human rights record. Opposition groups have used the Eurovision spotlight, intended by Azerbaijan to […]