Police launch investigations into Questelles house fires

The content originally appeared on: NBC SVG

Investigations have been launched to ascertain the circumstances that led to the destruction of two (2) wooden dwelling houses and their contents by fire in the village of Questelles on Saturday 3rd February 2024.

One of the houses, as 20×3 plywood structure covered in a galvanized sheeting was occupied by 29 year-old Truck Conductor Jason Samuel of Questelles and his common-law wife and their four (4) children.

The other house a 10×5 plywood structure covered with galvanize sheeting was owned and occupied by Samuels brother  44 year-old David Perry a truck conductor of the same address.

None of the occupants were present when the fire destroyed the houses.

According to the Police neighbors were alerted and used buckets of water to put out the fire, unsuccessfully so. The police were also alerted, and officers from the Questelles Police Station responded and assisted in trying to extinguish the fire.

Officers from the Fire Department later arrived on the scene and extinguished the fire.

The cause of the fire remains undetermined at this time.

Members of the public who have information that can assist with the investigation are encouraged to call 999/911 or contact the Questelles Police Station at 1-784-456-1750. All calls will be treated confidentially. Investigations are ongoing.

Photo credit: RSVG Police Force