Popcaan Carved Face In Watermelon In “NYQUI” Video, Denyque Diss Track

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Dancehall artiste Popcaan is again trolling fellow artiste Denyque as he released the music video for his new song “NYQUI,” in which he disses the married mother of two.

In a true artiste move, Popcaan is capitalizing on the attention the beef has caused between him and Denyque, and he turns the tables as he uses watermelons as a metaphor for his reference to certain sex acts.

In the video, the artiste appears to be in Africa at his home in Ghana. The song starts with him being washed up on the shores of a beach, and an enchanting native woman finds him. He is seen later sitting as if he is a King.

The women in the video are also seen caressing a watermelon with his image carved on it, and later, they attack the melon, breaking it apart and eating it with their bare hands as if satisfying a longstanding craving. The women are also seen as if in ecstasy as they consume the sweet fruit.

The artiste also addresses his controversial lyrics where he sings that the woman is married, but she wants him, and he will satisfy her.

The video comes amid Denyque’s response to Popcaan after he blasted her with an insult directed at her mother because she wore a shirt of him eating a slice of watermelon. The image itself was not an issue, but the graphics which labeled the watermelon as ‘me’ and Popcaan as ‘somebody’s son,’ hinting that it was a metaphor for oral sex.

Denyque also responded with a diss track preview of her own as she alleged that there are claims that Popcaan “likes his fruits.”

“Anuh yuh first time you name call pon it, the watermelon. Fat and juicy, the watermelon. What dat inna yuh mouth missa man, nuh the watermelon? [woi yoi] Stop gwan like yuh don’t like it. Oh oh, him bex tru me a talk all ah the things him don’t want people know. Mi know yuh love your fruits dem daily, you ah gain weight you nuh see it a show,” Denyque’s song preview said.

She has not officially released any music despite previewing the track.