Popcaan, Drake, Pee Thomas Tributes Takeoff In Emotional Posts

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Popcaan joins Drake, and Pee Thomas in saluting late Migos rapper Takeoff.

Drake is publicly mourning the death of his friend Takeoff, who was killed on Monday night in Houston, Texas. The Toronto rapper shared several memories of his favorite moments with the Atlanta rapper, along with his sadness that the rapper’s life ended very young when they all planned to live out their days being old men in music.

In a post on Instagram, Drake shared a throwback photo of him and Takeoff on stage performing for fans. “I got the best memories of all of us seeing the world together and bringing light to every city we touch. That’s what I’ll focus on for now rest easy space man Take,” he captioned a photo.

The post was liked by more than two million people and received hundreds of comments. On Instagram Stories, he also shared another photograph of himself and the Migos performing the song “Versace,” which Drake remixed in 2015. Drake has been there from the inception of the Migos’ career. “Versace” was the debut single by the group and was released on ‘Y.R.N. (Young Rich Ni**as)’ produced by Zaytoven.

The group, however, blew up after Drake’s remix, which also gave them their first Billboard Hot 100 track.

“We were supposed to be all looking like this in our 60s’s for real”, Drake captioned another throwback photo of himself and the Migos wearing 70’s outfits. In another story, he also shared a poster that promoted a performance by the group and himself.

“Aubrey & the Migos live… a hand picked dream team,” the poster which features the faces of Drake, Offset, Quavo and Takeoff. A fourth story also showed Takeoff in better times.

OVO dancehall artist Popcaan also shared a tribute for Takeoff as he shared a throwback photo of himself and Takeoff in Jamaica hanging out while the artist was visiting for the production of DJ Khaled’s album.

“[Takeoff] fly high my bro this not right, humblest human I know,” Popcaan wrote. He also shared a warm message to Quavo, “[Quavo Huncho] stay up family prayers up bro.”


The Ceo of Takeoff’s label, Quality Control, also released an emotional statement on his Instagram account.

“Anybody that knows you knows that you definitely didn’t deserve to die at such a young age. We only get 1 life and once it’s gone it’s over, no coming back. So with that being said I want our community to remember that we don’t have to continue to result to violence every time there is a disagreement,” Pee wrote.

“It’s ok to love your brother and sister. We all have been guilty of self hate but I pray this never ending cycle will some day change us all. We have so many memories to keep your name alive,” he added,

The CEO also called for compassion for the family of the late rapper as more videos have been shared on the internet showing his final moments alive.

As we mourn your lost, I pray that everyone please be understanding to what the family has to see on the internet with the videos and negative comments. This is somebody’s child. Let them get thru this process with peace and love,” he said.