Popcaan’s Sister Unruly Squid Exposed Teejay BBL, Leak Voice Note

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Popcaan remains silent but his sister Unruly Squid is not holding back.

Dancehall artiste Teejay is continuing his massive beef with half of the dancehall community as he continued to rant about Popcaan on Friday night, claiming that the Fixtape artiste shunned him as a lesser-known artiste but ran to collab as soon as he became big.

However, Popcaan’s sister has called out Teejay as she seemingly shared evidence disproving the claims made by Teejay. During an Instagram Live rant, Teejay took shots at Popcaan and his sister.

“Popcaan dun out sister try style me the other day, make me tell unnu somethings hear? Ah so mi stay plain and straight. I do not need any of who deh over pan da side deh fi do nothing at all because me do it without them you get wah me a say,” Teejay said.

Teejay also claims that Popcaan disrespected him and shunned him. and he also imitated a phone call that Popcaan made telling him to “pull up ah mi foot dawg.”


“When me just fawud a Kingston Jamaica, you see that artiste deh [Popcaan] him ah the first artiste weh disrespect me and dem thing deh and style me,” he said. “And you know wha ah di hottest thing? He was the first artiste to call my phone and tell me bout how him a come ah mi video shoot. Unnu don’t know dem thing deh enuh. So make me tell unnu now, such man call me phone ‘yow ah weh ya do dawg, dawg yow pull up ah mi foot enuh dawg, done know enuh dawg.’”

However, it seems that Unruly Squid is calling out Teejay’s version of things and even posted a voice note of what sounds like the exact conversation Teejay referenced, but it is he who is trying to make a link, not Popcaan.

“Nuh link u nahhhhh get!!!!!!!!!! Gwehhhhhhhh,” Unruly Squid wrote on Instagram stories alongside a leaked voice note Teejay sent.

In the voice, Teejay is asking for someone to set up a link for him to meet Popcaan, who he referred to as his “favorite” artiste.

“Bro, if you set the link to me, bro, I go link the dawg, bro, serious thing… bro me and the man nuh have nothin’ bro ah mi favorite artiste dat the world know that. It obvious,” Teejay said.

He continued, “Set the link fada make me pull up at the G foot dawg, from the G, from the G say him good and him alright with it and comfortable with it mi pull up ah him foot cause you know a energy, energy same way.”

Unruly Squid shared some more words for Teejay on her Instagram Story suggesting that he did BBL. “Batty maan teejay done out like yuh madda! U eva f** mi yet ba**y man! What away u know bout my pu***! U need fi go worry bout the BBL weh u a do fish! Member mi can argue with you because the two a we ah bad b**ch! Two a we a wear faja!,” she wrote.

“Member u call and beggggg fi my bredda link with u ba**y mannnnnn!” she said in another message.

Popcaan has ignored Teejay so far, except for a slight sub in the past. His sister, however, said last week that they won’t be paying him any mind because he was trying to get PR for his upcoming EP.