Reasons Why Trump Is Likely To Lose In November


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SPONSORED POST – New York, NY, Weds. July 29, 2020: President Donald J. Trump has his back against the wall in the upcoming elections. In a surprise twist of fate, the US leader finds himself up against the very swamp that he tried desperately to drain after coming to power in 2016. Even with a weak candidate in former VP Joe Biden, Donald Trump is in really bad shape. His Achilles heel is a combination of factors. These include his Twitter handle, his New York brashness, his knee-jerk reactions criticisms, and his flip-flopping on major issues. Besides these faux pas’, he has for the most part delivered on his promises. That’s a reality that few politicians in the history of the world have achieved. It’s not as if he gambled with America’s future. He put business at the forefront, and it’s that very element that has driven stock markets to epic levels.

He slashed bureaucratic red tape, dismantled the tax system and reduced taxes (not only for the rich, but for all business owners big and small), restored American deterrence in hotspots around the world (crushed Isis, dismantled Al Qaeda, and put the world on notice that America is back with a rebuilt military). He built 100 miles of the border wall, secured financing for hundreds of more miles, repealed the awful Iran deal, removed the personal mandate for Obamacare which was crippling millions of people around the country, and put conservative justices in positions across all courts. These are but a small fraction of the massive achievements that he recorded for his backers. During his tenure, Americans have enjoyed unprecedented prosperity (until recently), with more disposable income to enjoy things like leisure time with Playtech games at, greater contributions to 401(k)’s, vacations to beautiful destinations domestically and abroad, and so much more.

Trouble Ahead in Trump Land

Yet, all is not well in Trump Land. Each and every favorable point listed above can be dismantled and refuted with laser-sharp precision by the opposite side. A majority of people dislike Donald Trump. He is abrasive, sexist, insensitive, possibly even racist for all we know. He claims that the fake news media runs the show, starting with the Clinton News Network (CNN) and MSDNC (MSNBC). He has enemies in all the wrong places and is waging a war on the home-front that he cannot possibly hope to win. His opposing number in Joe Biden has had 50 years at the highest levels of government to make a change for the betterment of society.

To be fair, Biden has achieved minimally over five decades, but not enough to warrant his election as world’s #1 leader. Compared to Trump, he has more humility than hubris, and he certainly knows how to connect with people across the spectrum – women, men, blacks, whites, Native Americans, Hispanics, Asians, et al. Trump is sorely lacking in likeability – he’s a great public speaker, and he certainly knows how to fire up his base. Unfortunately, blue-collar white males are a dwindling proportion of the US populace. To win in November, Trump must convince more voters across the spectrum to come into his tent and vote for him. He has to make the case that he, not Joe Biden, is best suited to the job at hand.

Trump Backers Convinced They Hold the Secret to His Election Win in November

Unfortunately, the coronavirus put the skids on President Trump’s re-election bid. He downplayed the severity of the pandemic, causing himself irreparable damage in the process. By refusing to wear a mask until the end of July, he appeared to be nonchalant about a deadly virus that has already claimed 140,000+ American lives, with millions of people infected. Geopolitics aside, Trump has to pull a proverbial rabbit out of a hat. We already know that he is a masterful orator with the gift of the gab.

For all his likeability, Joe Biden has remained basement bound, refusing to do interviews, because of his awful gaffe tendencies. Yes, Joe Biden is probably undergoing dementia at some level, or massive cognitive decline. Yet, he is still perceived as the better choice in every single poll that is undertaken. Likeability is clearly an important factor to consider in elections. Trump may be the man to get things done, and he has proven that he can stand up against the toughest of the tough. He beat the Russia scandal. He beat the impeachment proceedings. But will he beat a re-election bid in November? That’s highly unlikely.

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