Red tape delays Africa aid airlift


  The UN is preparing to airlift food aid to the drought-stricken areas of the Horn of Africa, but flights have been delayed due to administrative complications. Airlifts were to begin on Tuesday to the Somali capital of Mogadishu, Dolo in Ethiopia and Wajir in Kenya. Now, officials say, they will not start until Wednesday. The scheduled flights were delayed after a wait for clearance permission in Nairobi, Kenya, where the mission is being flown from, did not come on time. In a statement released on Tuesday, the aid agency Doctors Without Borders said: “Whilst many of these refugees remain on the outskirts of the camps they are still not receiving adequate…

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Norway PM: Attacks response to be 'more democracy'

OSLO, Norway (AP) — Norway’s prime minister said Wednesday that the response to twin attacks that have rocked his country will be “more democracy.” Jens Stoltenberg told reporters Wednesday that Norwegians will defend themselves by showing they are not afraid of violence. The vicious attack in the normally placid country […]