Remy Ma New Bars On ‘Ghetto & Ratchet’ Fuels Papoose Divorce Rumors

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

New York rapper Remy Ma has fans talking about her remix of Connie Diiamond’s “Ghetto & Ratchet,” where she references being with a Drill rapper as proof that she is single.

Remy Ma has been rumored to be dating Drill rapper Eazy the Block Captain, and the two have been spotted out several times together, leading to her fans speculating that they are dating.

Last month, they showed up together at the Eagle’s game in New York, the second non-battle rap event they’ve been seen at during the last four months. The pair were first linked at the end of summer when Eazy the Block Captain seemingly took a shot at her husband Papoose during a battle rap event.

Neither she nor Papoose have addressed the status of their marriage, and Remy continues to be seen with Eazy. In her latest song, released this week, fans believe that she is confirming that she is single.

“A big d**k and he eat p*** like a vacuum, f**k a Drill rapper, he be killing sh*t, f**k a scamming n***a he be stealing sh*t. Imma let him hit then we fell asleep and when I woke up, he was stealing it,” she rapped.

Fans reacted to the track, with many commenting on the fact that Papoose is not a Drill rapper and that she could be speaking about Eazy the Block Captain. “It’s sad because he waited faithfully for her while she was LOCKED UP SMH. People really don’t know when they have something good,” one person commented on Instagram. Another said, “All marriages go through problems so mind the business that pays you GO REMY.”

Others were, however, not convinced that she and Papoose were over, as some claimed that he was on her Instagram Live just the day before the song was dropped. Some fans also think that the lyrics are sensational for a reason and that she is just rapping the way she always does.

“Real rely fans know this is how she raps,” one fan said.