Renewables for the military? Part 2: Military/Aviation outlook


Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta has pointed out that in the 21st century, “The reality is that there are environmental threats [climate change, sea level rise, dangerous weather conditions, etc.] which constitute threats to our national security.” Fifteen senior military leaders fear climate change “Military planning should view climate change as a threat to the balance of energy access, water supplies, and a healthy environment, and it should require a response,” says Gen. Paul Kern, Commander of the United States Army Materiel Command under President George W. Bush. Fourteen other military leaders, including Robert Gates, former Secretary of Defense, and Thomas Fingar, former chairman of…

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Searching for Solutions in Syria

The worsening conflict in Syria and the prospect of foreign military intervention outside the mandate of the United Nations poses an immediate risk to civilian safety. The consequences of pursuing regime change in Damascus invite a broader sectarian conflict that would forever reshape the Middle East; this article analyzes the […]