Residents of West Bay Central form Interim WBC district council Loop Cayman Islands

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The content originally appeared on: Cayman Compass

MP Katherine Ebanks-Wilks announced on her social media page that an Interim Constituency Council for West Bay Central (“Interim WBC Council”) has now been established following a meeting with residents this week.

The members of the Interim WBC Council, who reportedly fall within a wide age range from 25 to 70 years old, are as follows:

Members of Interim West Bay Central CouncilNamePositionClint HunterChairSharlene RogersDeputy ChairCharles BrownMemberSophia BryanMemberGlenda Lee EbanksMemberDaubreen Maxwell MemberRoberta PoweryMemberShemar HardingMemberJehu RiversMember

In addition to these Interim WBC Council members, Alyssa Ebanks was appointed as a Youth Ambassador to ensure that the Interim WBC Council also addresses the concerns significant to the youth.

Commenting on the nominees and the selection process, Ebanks-Wilks said:

Congratulations to all Nominees, who have been identified by their neighbours and friends as persons who can lead in this capacity. I look forward to seeing this WBC Council be a driving force for West Bay Central.

The Interim WBC Council now looks forward to its first meeting date, which is expected to be announced in due course.

More about district councils

The Cayman Constitution states that “Subject to this Constitution, a law enacted by the Legislature shall provide for the establishment, functions, and jurisdiction of Councils for each electoral district to operate as advisory bodies to the elected members of the Legislative Assembly.”

It is understood that the Legislature may have passed a law at some stage, however, some amendments are to be made before district councils are formally established.

In the meantime, MP Ebanks-Wilks is being proactive and worked with residents to establish the Interim WBC Council to address and resolve their concerns.