Rick Ross’ Baby Mother Questions Chrisean Rock Parenting, ‘We Wanna See Milestones’

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Chrisean Rock is getting unsolicited advice from Rick Ross’ baby mother, Tia Kemp, in her latest rant about everything in the hip-hop space.

The Baddies reality star has received significant criticism for her decision to put a new Blueface tattoo on her cheek, shocking fans and critics who were rooting for her after she reportedly broke up with him. Chrisean Rock has revealed that she has returned to Blueface’s house, and she even said some nasty words to her fans after losing 200k followers on Instagram after the tattoo reveal.

“Me and Blue we gonna give it another try. We realize it’s not our happiest with anybody else. So all that sh*t he was doing (engagement to Jaidyn Alexis) was fake, faking faking for some money. And me I was just trying, and it never worked. So you know back with my BD… he stays on the phone with me and he loves talking to his b***h,” Chrisean said. She added, “B****h, I don’t want to be saved,” after fans said she was hopeless.

On the other hand, Kemp questioned Rock about her son, joining others who have asked if there was something wrong with her son, who is now four months old.

“Girl I thought I liked you when you had that lil big face baby look like Charles Barkley. Let me tell you something, girl… Chrisean you had two years to run around and beat up everybody. Baby Rocky ducky go turned to a pebble off of Flintstones, take Mr. Purple face with you when you buying and give the baby over to a day care of something so he can learn how to crawl,” Tia said.

She added, “We are trying to see milestones; what are you doing? We want to see if he is crawling cause he should be holding up his body by now. I can tell you. Is your mommy telling you this? I hope he is holding up his head.”

Chrisean Rock has yet to respond to Kemp.