Russia joins WTO after 18 years of talks


MOSCOW – After 18 years of negotiation, Russia on Wednesday entered the World Trade Organization, which restricts import duties and subsidies in an attempt to create a level playing field for international trade. Analysts and politicians hope that Russia, which has long proven a formidable market to foreign investors because of its byzantine bureaucracy and protectionist tariffs, would be transformed by its entry into the WTO. Russia is one of the last major global economies to enter the group, which has long included other developing nations like China. While consumers here will benefit from the lower cost of imported goods, some worry that struggling industries long coddled by state…

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Dozens Hacked And Burned To Death In Kenya

Tweet At least 48 people have been burned and hacked to death in ethnic clashes over cattle grazing rights in Kenya. Gangs armed with machetes, bows, and spears locked villagers in their huts, set them alight and then butchered anyone who tried to escape. Police said most of the dead […]