Saint Lucia Opens Path To Citizenship For Overseas-Born Descendants

The content originally appeared on: News Americas Now

News Americas, New York, NY, Thurs. June 27, 2024: Second and third-generation Saint Lucian descendants born overseas now have a clear path to acquiring Saint Lucian citizenship.

This development follows a vote by legislators on Wednesday to amend the Citizenship of Saint Lucia Act, paving the way for descendants of Saint Lucian parentage to become naturalized citizens.

Once the amendment to the Citizenship of Saint Lucia Act takes effect, a person born outside Saint Lucia will become a citizen at the date of their birth if, at that date, their father, mother, grandfather, or grandmother is a citizen by birth.

This means the children and grandchildren of Saint Lucians who migrated and started families abroad now have the opportunity to inherit their birthright – Saint Lucian citizenship.

The historic amendment to the Citizenship of Saint Lucia Act will enable Saint Lucian descendants born overseas to represent the country on a national level and create new avenues for second and third-generation Saint Lucians to contribute to the development of Saint Lucia.

Tens of thousands of Saint Lucian descendants living in diaspora communities around the world will benefit from the amended Citizenship of Saint Lucia Act.

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